Theater projects

ROOT VEGETABLES follows an agricultural engineer named Hedy as she convinces her two friends, Psy and Caz, to move to a farm in the Catskills and start a queer farm utopia, near where her great-great Grandpa Leib lived. With Hedy’s skillset, she intends to develop new technologies on this farm that would help all communities automate growing vegetables in the face of climate change. But instead of being the utopia they all hoped for, each character slowly loses their stability, and the trio falls apart. ROOT VEGETABLES is an experiment, thinking through alternatives ways of living outside of capitalism, and underscoring the importance of community and mutual aid. 

EVAPORATION is an absurdist play with music about the fascist radicalization of white men. It follows four siblings living in a warehouse loft in a US city, as the youngest brother Sfenn falls deeper into alt-right propaganda on YouTube.

Low Hum

LOW HUM is a musical with music/lyrics by Marc Jablonski and book by Lauren Waters, about post-college depression and anxiety, and listening to the body in order to confront trauma on a macro and micro level. We follow two friends in their twenties who are both struggling to save the planet and themselves during a time of global catastrophe.

Circulus in Probando

CIRCULUS IN PROBANDO is a sound-driven installation play about time, flow, achieving goals, and agoraphobia. Written before the COVID-19 pandemic made staying at home a reality for non-agoraphobes, this play follows a protagonist who lives alone, works remotely, and struggles with his existential dread during a tense political moment in history. The set is one room — four transparent walls — with two foley artists representing every character and sound outside the room.