Marc Jablonski

Composer, Writer, Anthropologist


I am a New York City-based composer/sound artist and cultural researcher. My art and my research projects continuously influence each other, as I connect art and science, aesthetics with culture, and emotions with human behavior. I seek to incorporate creativity into data analysis, as well as weave the human experience into music, theater, and sound design.


No matter the subject or focus, I approach my work with a foundation in anthropology. In addition to teaching research methodologies and techniques, the study of modern anthropology effectively cultivates empathy, problem solving, and a desire to understand the human experience, which I carry forth with me into every research project. I have worked in research and data analysis from the brand perspective at A&E Networks, from an agency perspective at AKA NYC, for small businesses, and in an academic setting at Columbia University and Muhlenberg College. Across these organizations, I have developed methodologies in market research, ethnography, sales analysis, advertising media attribution, SEM/PPC management, website UX research, and academic research and writing.


I write musicals, instrumental scores, sound designs, and sound plays. My sound has been heard around NYC at venues including The Gym at Judson, the Drama League, Dixon Place, The Access Theater, and The Pit Loft. My theatrical sound design process includes comprehensive research and collaborative dramaturgy on the project to help establish the theatrical world.

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