Marc Jablonski

Composer, Writer, Anthropologist



More music and sound samples upon request.

Take Me Somewhere

from Angela B Moonlanding (PIT Loft, April 2018)

THE BIOGRAPHY OF ANGELA B MOONLANDING is a play/musical hybrid by Marc Jablonski and Lauren Waters. After a workshop at the PIT Loft in April 2018, they are now editing and expanding the show for a future production TBD.

Subway Wine

from High Voltage

Through sound and humor, HIGH VOLTAGE transforms the Dixon Place Lounge into an electric cage. Join Marc Jablonski as he dissects the sympathetic nervous system, turning his complicated relationship with its fight-or-flight response into palpable sound. Like an alternating current, the night will vascillate between comedy and horror.

Any Corrective System

from Autoportrait

AUTOPORTRAIT by Zachary Small, directed by Alex Hare, had a one-night production in Dixon Place's 2017 HOT! Festival, and it was developed with support from the inaugural Leslie-Lohman Museum Space Grant.

Time Freeze

from Number Six Down

NUMBER SIX DOWN written and directed by Max Keane, explores homelessness, queerness, addiction, and hauntological romance. Its first production was at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre.