WELCOME TO THE GAME CHARACTERS! Of course, this is Pikachu (tm). He came from the very popular Poke`mon games like, Poke`mon stadium 1 &2 (tm), the games in the gameboy (tm), gameboy advance (tm), and gameboy SP (tm).    
I didn't trace any of these characters. I simply did it by knowledge. If you don't believe me...fine. This is Bowser (tm) 2nd form. He came from originally, Mario games. He also later is in Super Smash Bros. (tm), and Super Smash Bros. Meelee (tm), but i changed him a little to make him in 2nd form!.    
  This is kirby (tm). He comes from Kirby's Air Ride (tm), Kirby's Crystal Bal (tm), and many more video games.